Free Educational Webinar

5 Easy Ways to Significantly Increase Clinic’s Patient List and Save Money on Marketing

A good healthcare marketing strategy is essential to growing your practice, but most clinicians and practice managers are limited either by their relative lack of experience in marketing or their budget. With this being the case, how can you create a smart marketing plan and attract new patients in one fell swoop? This Medesk webinar will introduce several easy ways of growing your clinic’s patient list and building a workable marketing plan without the need for any prior education or experience in marketing.

Time and Date:

Thursday, May 9, 17:00 (GMT)

Target Audience:

Practice managers and anyone involved in business process decision-making in private clinics.

Join us to learn:

  • What to consider when developing advertisements
  • How to better meet patients’ needs over the phone
  • Why text and email reminders remain essential
  • Why patients increasingly prefer online booking and access to a patient portal
  • How your clinic can collaborate with booking and referral partners