Task Management

It can be hard to remember everything about each patient and to track down Post-It Notes and other reminders. Medesk AutoTasks work to remind you of all the pertinent information just in time for you to communicate it to your patients and provide a better standard of care.

What’s more, you’ll improve patients’ overall experience and increase your practice’s retention rate. Better time management benefits everyone involved.

How does it work?

If a practitioner were to recommend that the patient make a next visit in a few months, they could set a task to “remind the patient” on a particular date.

The patient’s EHR will also be linked to the task. Their phone number, lab results and much more will be at hand during your phone calls.

If a patient has any additional requests, receptionists can add the necessary tasks straight to the calendar. Simple things like this will make a real impression on your patients.

Task management helps to ensure you don’t forget about verbal agreements made with patients, and it also takes a load off the minds of practitioners and receptionists alike.

It has been proven to increase patient retention rate as it improves their experience while at your practice. What’s more, you’ll notice a greater number of new patient referrals and word of mouth recommendations.