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  • Practice+
    Advanced practice and patient empowerment
    Staff Members5 users
    Free and Ongoing Software Updates
    24/7 Availability and Technical Monitoring
    Online Assistance and Technical Support
    Multiple Locations
    Additional UsersGet in touch
    Practitioner Empowerment
    Consultation Notes Templates
    Electronic Health Records (EHR)
    Healthcare Packages and Treatment Plans
    Reference Letters and Prescriptions
    Secretaries - Daily Workflow Made a Breeze
    Patient Records
    Document Template Printing (contracts, invoices, etc.)
    Secretary Statistics
    CRM Module - Patient Engagement Made Easy
    Online Booking & Patient Account Portal
    Task Management
    Criteria-based Bulk SMS Sending
    Appointment Notification by SMS5p each
    VoIP Phone System & Call ReportingGet in touch
    Analytics and Reporting
    Aquisition Channel Statistics
    Practice Workload Distribution
    Financials at a Glance
    Practitioner Statistics
    Advanced Features
    Stock Control
    Practice Website IntegrationGet in touch
    Custom Branding (White Label)Get in touch
    Manage a Group of PracticesGet in touch
    Users Can Switch Between Different PracticesGet in touch
    Custom Reports and DocumentsGet in touch