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  • Practice+
    Advanced practice and patient empowerment
    Staff Members10 users
    Free and Ongoing Software Updates
    24/7 Availability and Technical Monitoring
    Online Assistance and Technical Support
    Multiple Locations
    Additional 5 Users PackGet in touch
    Practitioner Empowerment
    Consultation Notes Templates
    Electronic Health Records (EHR)
    Healthcare Packages and Treatment Plans
    Reference Letters and Prescriptions
    Secretaries - Daily Workflow Made a Breeze
    Patient Records
    Document Template Printing (contracts, invoices, etc.)
    Secretary Statistics
    CRM Module - Patient Engagement Made Easy
    Task Management
    Criteria-based Bulk SMS Sending
    Appointment Notification by SMS5p each
    Online Booking & Patient Account Portal
    VoIP Phone System & Call ReportingGet in touch
    Analytics and Reporting
    Aquisition Channel Statistics
    Practice Workload Distribution
    Financials at a Glance
    Practitioner Statistics
    Advanced Features
    Stock Control
    Practice Website IntegrationGet in touch
    Custom Branding (White Label)Get in touch
    Manage a Group of PracticesGet in touch
    Users Can Switch Between Different PracticesGet in touch
    Custom Reports and DocumentsGet in touch