Online Appointment Booking

Sometimes receptionists are so busy that they have no time to book appointments over the phone and they can even miss incoming calls. Online appointment booking makes it fast and easy for patients to book appointments at the click of a button.

Can you imagine how many potential patients fall through the cracks because they can’t book online?

Medesk puts a stop to this for good.

  • Add a booking link anywhere you like - on social media, your website and more
  • Track your patient acquisition channels and boost your marketing strategies
  • Referring clinicians can book their patients directly into your schedule
  • Patients can see exactly when their favourite doctor is next available
  • Immediate access to a secure Patient Portal for all new and existing patients

Сonvenience for receptionists and patients

You can place the "Online Appointment Booking" link on your website, on social media and on any other advertising channels.

You will receive detailed analytical reports, which tell you how any given patient found your practice. You will be able to make your the marketing strategy more effective.

Book Online Right from Your Smartphone

Watch this video and see how easy it can be for patients to book online


Patients visiting Online Appointment Booking page will see your practice’s logo and brand colours. Stay recognisable enough for your current patients and promote your brand among new ones.