Management Reporting

Successful management of a practice requires the continuous monitoring of key growth indicators (KPI and ROI).

Clinicians can input all the necessary information about the services they performed, and then build detailed reports on the operation of the practice. The practice manager will receive full statistics on the practice’s performance.

For example, you can focus on statistics for a certain group of patients, or a selected employee, their position, or their whole department.

Medesk allows you to set up your reports using selectable parameters and then filter the data choosing exactly what you need.

Clinical workload capacity
The most popular medical service
Average age and other patient demographics
The most popular day of the week for visiting the clinic

Individually configured reports make it clear which advertising campaigns are most effective and which services should be offered. You could plan special promotions, such as discounts on Thursdays if there are few visitors on this day;

Real-time reporting are a valuable asset to your business. Control and manage your medical practice in real time from any device anywhere!