The quicker you can exchange data with your colleagues and associates, the easier your work becomes and the less time you lose. This is not to mention that you create better patient experiences. Upload doctors’ profiles and schedules on your website directly from Medesk, see patient info while you’re on the phone with them, and instantly upload invoices to and from your accounting software. Medesk integrates simply with any software product (e.g. ATC, ERP).

Running a clinic is ultimately about providing the best possible patient experience. The more efficiently you and your colleagues can come together as a team, the easier your work becomes and the more time you save. Medesk is a comprehensive practice management ecosystem that brings together vital clinical and business functions in one easy-to-use package.

  • Link to your practice website for hassle-free online bookings
  • Automatically generate accurate invoices for all services rendered
  • Add test results directly from labs to the comprehensive Medesk EHR
  • Go digital and catch all those missed calls with IP telephony
  • Boost relationships with referring doctors via our partner booking mode

Key integrations

Practice Website

Practitioner’ current schedules get added to the practice site straight from Medesk. Patients can book a convenient appointment time by themselves. What could be better?

Online services like appointment booking are used by more and more people, and now your practice can provide them.


Medesk integrates easily with IP-telephony services. When you can see patient data on your monitor during your phone calls, you can help them quickly and efficiently to create a better and more personalised patient experience. Of course, don’t forget to call your patients by name as everyone values being treated as an individual.


Reduce the time you spend on dealing with accounts. Automatically formulated invoices make for easy billing - as easy as pie, in fact. Saving you time is our number one priority.

SMS messages

Medesk integrates easily with leading SMS providers in the UK. You can now send patients SMS messages with booking confirmations, appointment reminders, promotional offers and more straight from Medesk. Select from different patient subgroups based on age, patient tags and more to make your bulk messaging more personal and, of course, more effective.

Our Partners

Medesk on Stripe
Medesk on XERO
Medesk on TDL Website

Prepayments and Deposits with Stripe

Stripe provides you with a convenient way to collect prepayments and deposits. You'll slash the likelihood of no-shows and cancellations and make it incredibly easy for patients to understand exactly what they are paying for.

You can request minimum deposits (percentage or fixed sum) or ask patients to pay the full amount in advance.

Invoicing and Accounting with Xero

We have integrated with Xero to offer you the utmost in convenient accounting and financial reporting. Now all your invoices made in Medesk will be automatically exported to Xero in real time!

Whether you have to issue refunds or a patient has only made a partial payment, all the information you need will remain safe and sound. With a simple yet flexible setup, our Xero integration makes even the most complicated business processes easier to handle.