Free Networking Dinner with Medesk

Practice Promotion and Marketing Mistakes

Running a private healthcare practice successfully requires professional excellence and great business skills. Over the past 10 years we have worked with many doctors and practice managers. Although every clinic has its own unique issues, we see the same mistakes in their marketing strategy time and time again. A good healthcare marketing strategy is essential to growing your practice, but most clinicians and practice managers have little training or experience in marketing. This is a big problem as even the smallest medical marketing mistakes can have significant consequences. But without prior knowledge, how can you even know what these mistakes are, let alone how to avoid them? We would like to invite you to join our networking dinner to discuss and share your experiences in private healthcare with your fellow clinicians.


Thursday, April 25, 18:30 - 20:00


Davy's at St James, Crown Passage, Pall Mall, London


Clinicians, Practice Managers, Sales Directors, Marketing

We’ll discuss the following issues and much more besides:

  • Rules of effective management (how to stay effective in changing conditions)
  • Successfully transitioning from public to private sector
  • Marketing tools that really works
  • Patient aсquisition and how to raise awareness amongst patients

Our events are run in a round table format so you can talk about your experiences, share the stories of building up your practice and get to know all attendees.