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Top 10 Marketing Tips for New Clinics

Watch as we demonstrate and rectify the most critical mistakes clinics usually make while trying to promote their services. You will discover the fastest ways to fix your clinic’s marketing without breaking the bank. Our expert host will divulge the most effective strategies for successful patient acquisition and help you to choose the ones that fit your budget.


Friday, February 15, 17:00 (GMT)


Michael May MA (Oxon) BMBCh, medical marketing consultant, public speaker, and healthcare PR strategist


Clinicians, Practice Managers, Sales Directors, Marketing

Join us to learn:

  • How to find out whether your clinic needs to boost its promotion
  • What is so different about marketing in healthcare
  • Which cost-effective tools you should use to run a sustainable business
  • What is so important about reporting and data analytics
  • How to track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns

Find out how a few simple strategies can quickly boost your clinic’s online and offline presence.

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