Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Electronic Health Records (EHR)much more convenient and secure than paper ones! They can never be never lost and, if necessary, they can always be printed. EHR contain complete information about the patient including services rendered and treatment programs.

Patient’s treatment history

Within EHR you can switch to View mode to see all services provided. It's so simple now to check previous and current test results. This allows the practitioner to understand the patient’s treatment history and to conduct more efficient appointments.

Other necessary information

You can add in EHR any other necessary information about patients including lab results, CT/MRI scans, ultrasound images etc.

Checked for duplicate information

When you create a patient record, the database automatically checked for duplicate information. If such data is found, the system will ask you to make sure that your patient isn't already in the database.

Current balance

EHR displays the total cost of services provided as well as account balance, so you can remind patients about debts if they have them.